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Thread: noob need help?

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    Post noob need help?

    i'm a noob, i have experience in this stuff but i trying to put myself to modify a system into my car ..

    i got a celica 95 zr model. i have some first idea about putting the lcd in it but there are some issues need to be solve ..
    1. what are the few basic things needed to be able to modify in success ..
    2. security issues , some one can break your windows just for a lcd ..
    3. any technics is requirements for this ..
    4. where is possible to put the lcd ..
    5. can u remake the panel to fit other devices ..
    6. would it be possible to have internal cable of the computer(IDE running from the back of the car to the front)
    7. can any one help me ..???
    8. any one got any infor of some one mod the celica before .. ..

    really need help thax ..

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    1) plan.. plan.. and search the form.. many people have a celica
    2) sure.. someone can break in to steal the change for booze. If your worried get an in-dash LCD
    3) ahh probably
    4) in-dash, mount somewhere, or build a custom dash
    5) panel for the lcd? sure you can fiberglass
    6) no.. 40 pin IDE only runs 3 feet max. You'll need a usb or i'd go with firewire to IDE. So the firewire cable is going to the front from the back.
    7) search button can
    8) see 7)
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    cool .. so i need a firewire for my dvd now .. in-dash is kind of expensive to me .. i looked at some project in the show off forum, they have custom make, using body filter and paint .. but i dont have any idea that the detail process would be .. wat is the best type of sanding papper or, using paint type, colour.. and reason for it ..

    does fiberglass are customize able .. what type of martirials do u need .. to build your own dash, and prosess .. if possible can u show me some detail job .. i looked in the forum but not many people really explain their process.. thx


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