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Thread: Touchscreen with computer

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    Touchscreen with computer

    ok guys i have my computer setup...ok got the picture....that is good

    anyway now i want to add a touch screen monitor as a second monitor that will run something like media engine so that i can control my music through while i am using my main monitor for something else (i.e game, assignment)

    now that part above is easy what i want to know is if i will be able to run it as a seperate monitor and be able to use it while i am playin a game without it becoming a main screen and having the game minimize its self

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    You can not do this. Well kind of no.

    When your playing a game, lets take UT2003 for example, the game allways defaults to fullscreen mode unless you change it and make it run in a window. Some games dont even let you run them in a window. But if what your thinking is have the game running fullscreen on one monitor and media engine on another monitor both fullscreen and you just moving your mouse across them both at will... your outta luck buddy. If you can get the game to run in a window you may be able to do this, but you will need to push the windows key everytime you wanted your mouse to move from out of the game and onto other parts of the desktop. Now this example is taken from Desktop PC experience where you have to have either a Dual Head VideoCard such as the Geforce4 or 2 videocards (one agp and one pci) to have dual monitors. In a Car the equation changes slightly. Can you use a fullsize video card like a Gforce4 in your carputer setup? Do you have room for 2 videocards in your setup? Or are you using the embeded (ie crappy) video card on the motherbord with composite out or something. If its the latter then you certainly most likely can NOT do it. If you had a XBOX in your car you could hook it up to another screen (or the same screen) and switch between the two maybe.

    What kind of setup do you have?


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