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Thread: M10000 Onboard eth

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    M10000 Onboard eth

    Alright, I got my M10000 a few weeks ago, and while it is slow, I love it. So small and does what I need.. Then I hooked up a ethernet cable to the onboard eth (eth0) and I couldn't get a DHCP'd address, via WindowsXP. I tried a few times, but no luck. And when I tried to install my 802.11g (Linksys) drivers, from CD-ROM, no luck! It jsut exited the installer automaticlly. So I tried Linux, knowning I would have 0% 802.11g support. I still cannot get a DHCP'd address, even tho the cable and switch and router all are working..

    Has anyone else had problems, or any suggustions? Linux shows when the cable is in and out, so it IS detecting activity..

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    eth and epia

    A known "problem" of the EPIA is that when there's not enough power to feed the MB the first think having problem is the ethernet port. If you have a cdrom or a 3.5 inch HD and you have a 60 W power supply, or to low voltage, you can have trouble with eth. Solution: have a bigger power supply! ;-)

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    Have you made sure that the onboard ethernet is turned ON in the BIOS settings?

    I know it's an obvious thing to say, but may be worth checking.

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    Have you given it a static IP to be sure that the port actually works?


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