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Thread: turning on and off inverter?

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    turning on and off inverter?

    i'm thinking about using an inverter for power instead of buying an opus PSU, because i dont have the money for the opus, and i need a 120V source of power for the palm anyway. so im gonna use an inverter... i think. anyway, how will i get it to power on and off with the car? or will i need to just install a switch that will power it on and off?

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    i'd install a switch and connect it all to a relay/
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    Id also do a switch and a relay. just so it goes on with the car But you can also turn it off permanetly if you like.

    12v ~~~> relay ~~~> switch ~~~> inverter ~~~> ground (neg).

    And wire the trigger and ground for the relay as well.
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    I used two relays, and wired them in such a way that:

    When you initially turn on the car, a relay switches and kicks on the inverter (I took apart the inverter, and the relay actually closes the connections between the on/off switch)

    the second relay is connected to a +12v from my power supply so that it kicks on and stays on until the computer turns off

    Therefore once the computer turns on, the whole thing, including the inverter stays on untill the computer is powered down. So that way if I am driving, and going to run into a store for < 30 minutes, I can just leave running so i don't have to wait for it to reboot again. But if I am going to be gone for a while, I hit my shutdown hotkey on my remote, and everything powers off

    My next plan is to get one of those shutdown timers that someone around here was selling.

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    I did tyhe same thing years ago before I god my DC DC psu - it worked 99% of the time - be wary of the system hanging on shutdown... It killed my batery once.
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