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Thread: IDE cable, predictably fails...

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    IDE cable, predictably fails...

    Working on carputer on and off (been working 2 jobs for just 2 weeks, kind of a ttemp thing, but that was 70 hrs a week...).

    Anyway, I cant figure out why my HD will only be detected if I restart after trying to boot. For example...

    -I boot (cold)
    -System Disk Error, please insert a system disk or whatever...
    -I restart
    -boots to XP just fine

    When it posts the first time it doesnt post the HD as an IDE device, but does the second time...

    I dont really know where to go from here, I tried another cable (that works with the DVDROM and it wont even boot...

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    Is the HD already detected in the BIOS or is it set on auto detect? Try the other setting whichever it is.
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    Check the predelay setting in the BIOS set it to something like 6 seconds or more. That should fix your problem. Your particular drive probably just takes to long to spin up.


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