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Thread: problem installing VGA on GBOX P4

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevide
    tried the bios setup change but still can't get the BIOS screen when booting up again. Of course the XP screen doesn't come up either. Everything else seems to be running good but I notice that the floppy drive doesn't buzz as normal boot up. HELPPPPP>>>>
    Ok let start over. (blind) Plug into the motherboard video ,
    Turn on pc
    Press DEL
    Wait a couple sec, right arrow over
    Press Down arrow twice
    You should be on load optimized Defaults
    Press enter
    press f10 and then y, and enter

    Now set up the bio again for the video card. You should beable to see bio this time.

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    had a Gbox, and even had the same vid card, what solved the problem for me was fairly simple to fix. Hopefully you have the same problem. Underneath the fan, directly below it you will see a tiny little red box with two switches. Above it is written DV on, and below it is DV off. Apparetently AMS had some problems with the DV, aka firewire that comes on the 8500DV. If you manually override it by switching the little white nobs to off it should be able to work around that problem and boot up. At least it did for me, let me know how it works out for you and sorry to add a message on 2 months after the fact.

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