ok, heres my system specs.
Asus p5a-b mobo
amd k6-2+ cpu
60gig hd
Radeon 7500 w/ tv out
Sound Blaster Live
2 - 128 meg RAM
230w AT PSU

I just got done building the new plexi case (looks awesome). I plug the system in for the first time in the new case (everything worked prior to the new case), it turns on, and no video (monitor or tv out). I put the vid card in my other pc and it works great. Everything powers up...fans, hsf, video card...i just dont get a visual. Ive tried other PCI ports to no avail. Ive checked and double checked RAM, CPU, PCI slots, everything. In all my computer experience, ive never seen anything like this happen.

Any suggestions or advice?? Thanks.