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Thread: MP3 car system for a Gen 3 camry

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    Post MP3 car system for a Gen 3 camry

    Ok guys, I am thinking about building a neat little system for my gen 3 camry, i really don't want a lot of hassle, im not into the creative stuff for the moment, just the functiality of it.

    Right now I have two eclipse speakers up front with a panasonic head unit...

    I want to incorporate the two subs and small amp i have in the trunk as well as a small computer.

    Couple of questions, does anyone know of a really cheap touch screen that I can use, it could really be 5 inches for all i care... I don't really want to use a mouse/keyboard unless I have to.

    There was talk of mounting a laptop up front like the police officers do, any pictures of that around?

    When you get a DVD player and play DVD's via the LCD display, where the heck does the DVD player go? Im assuming not everyone shells out for a DVD/CD player head unit, so their must be an easier way to load it then going to the trunk each time.

    Can anyone give me an estimated cost on the stuff I want? How powerful do you think the machine needs to be?

    Kajo out-

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    goo look at other ppls setup to get some ideas. you have a long way to go. DO NOT JUMP INTO THIS PROJECT WITHOUT CEHCKING OUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE DONE. Since you said u dont want mouse/keyboard (GOOD) take a look at CobraII/III
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    I agree...on the main page, there are links to view other people's setups. Browse through those to get ideas.

    If you don't want keyboard and mouse, a remote control is a good way to go. All you need is an IRMAN and you are set. DVD is still pretty new in most people's cars...The few here that have it are probably also figuring out the best place to put the drive.

    You can toss around the idea of getting a firewire converter for a regular slot-load IDE dvd drive and then running it to the front of the vehicle (ie..dash or under the seat). I'm sure there are other alternatives, so check out other people's setups and use the search function on the bb to find past posts.

    good luck on your quest


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