I got a set of inspire 5100 speakers and was gonna use em in my vw golf.
Lookin at da adapter for it into da wall i saw it's primary coil is 230v @50hz and 320mA. Its seconday coil is rated at 12v and 4.2A

To me this seems ok and i was just gonna hard wire it straight to da battery and assume that it'll be ok wit da variations in voltage during crankin etc. (Can i assume this??)

But just now i looked at da back of the sub and noticed that the input connector from da adapter says 12V AC in!! Surely this can't be AC - can it??
If it really is then how do i wire it up then or is it just a typo on creatives part??

Ps i was gonna use a 150w inverter if it is ac and as my pc is rated at 100 usin da calc and 12x4.8= nearly 60w??? am i heading for disaster