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Thread: Laptop MP3 players

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    Laptop MP3 players

    I have a few questions... are there any DC to DC power supplies that will work in a laptop? Also, if any of you had the choice to use a pentium II 366Mhz laptop with 128Megs of SDRAM and 6.4 gig hard drive, over the desktop models you currently have in your trunk... which would use choose and how much would you be willing to pay for it?

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    Most laptops have a DC input jack used to charge the batteries and provide power to the motherboard & peripherals. FYI most laptops have a DC-DC supply built into them already -- that's how they generate +5, +12, -12, and the LCD bias voltage from a single battery (10.2V for example)

    I would still stick with a "desktop" model because of its ease of customizability (is that a word?!) and plus it's so easy to build a custom enclosure to fit in. I also like the desktop idea because the hardware is cheap -- replacing a desktop motherboard is much cheaper and easier than a laptop -- you practically have to replace the whole laptop if you fry the parallel port or something by accident.

    Expansion is also nice with desktops -- just pop in another DIMM or replace the CPU without much trouble. In a laptop you need special memory and getting at the CPU is sometimes a problem.

    Also, notebook hard drives are a lot more expensive than 3.5" drives, and some people don't want to pay $500 or so for a 18GB laptop drive to hold their MP3 collection when they can get a 27GB 3.5" drive for around $200. I may be giving an extreme example (I'm using a 6.4GB drive right now) but the point is the desktop hardware is so much cheaper.

    The best thing about a laptop vs. a desktop PC is the laptop has a color LCD which could be detached and mounted somewhere for a really sharp, full-color display in a vehicle. Most desktop in-car MP3 systems have no display, an alphanumeric monochrome display, or a small 4" or 6" LCD that's not as clear as a true (S)VGA-capable LCD.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents, I'm sure others will follow with different opinions.

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