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Thread: Anyone tried a micro Plug n Run mobo from Cell Computing?

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    Anyone tried a micro Plug n Run mobo from Cell Computing?

    I was thinking of getting one of the tiny motherboards from <a href="">Cell Computing</a> and was wondering whether anyone had got one of these, or had experience with anything similar.
    If you haven't seen this site before, go check it out, it may be just what you're after.
    Also, instead of using a PCI sound card, is it possible to get a USB DAC which will give me the same outputs? Does anyone know anything about these, and whether they work under linux or not?


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    I saw these guys when I was at the LinuxWorld Expo last month. Their systems were running Linux with a *tiny* Color TFT LCD and they had a mouse and keyboard attached and it was running X-Windows. They're definitely small computers, and very impressive.

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