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Thread: Audio Out to Car Speakers?

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    Question Audio Out to Car Speakers?

    I am wanting to install a computer Mp3 player in my car (a Mp3 'carputer' as some would say). I am still in the planning stages, so I have no components in front of me yet. But I am building this off a 3.5 form factor motherboard (this one most probrably), laptop HDD running 98Lite and Winamp, and so on. All of this will fit in a DIN-sized reciever box, as to allow it to be an indash unit. So space is an issue.
    The other details are not an issue, the question I had was, how do I get the sound from the motherboard to my car speakers.
    I know I can just buy a car amplifier and hook up the Audio Out to the Amp then to the Car Speakers. But this will interfere with my plan of having it all fit in a DIN-sized reciever box.
    I found some audio amps at Texas Instruments site, but all of them only seemed to put out for 2w speakers. Will that suffice? If it does, how could I wire that up?
    Any tips? Or new ideas?

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    To create loud sound takes some large sized equipment.

    2w will suffice for driving headphones.

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    You will want to use a real amp. Perhaps you could hack one out of a radio, not sure on that, just an idea. I would use a real car amp, JBL would sound nice
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