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Thread: Possible new idea for display (I think?).

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    Possible new idea for display (I think?).

    After thinking about it a while, I may have come up with an easy fairly affordable way to get a display going.

    1. NTSC video card or output from computer
    2. Sony Watchman TV
    3. Cheap RF convertor like you would have with a video game.

    A new Sony Watchman like this one:

    has external RF input. It can also be run off of batteries or DC or AC power. It retails for $109 which means you can find it for a lot cheaper I'm sure. Get an RF converter like the one that came with that old NES and tune to channel 3 (or 4 if you so desire).

    The only draw back for some might be the small 2.2 inch LCD. This is the size I'd like to use. Anyone have any experience here with something this small.

    Any comments on this setup?

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    Sounds Greate
    I have also tougt the idea, then use Geis plugin

    It also shows the song title when a new song is selected..

    If someone could make a plugin in fullscreen with full playlist and multiple playlist it would be greate mail me if anyone do.

    [email protected]

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    Come on.. I choked when I heard people where using 4" displays! 2" is way way too small.. it would serve no purpose.. a 6" is really the smallest, ok, maybe a 4, but 2? I believe you can get a sony 4" for $139 from ... I'm not sure, but for ****s sake, don't get a 2"


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