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Thread: quick question about purchasing HW

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    quick question about purchasing HW

    I am planning to build a carPC. However, i don't want to make the wrong purchases, so i'm going to ask a noobie quesiton ahead of time. I am definately getting the Xanarc LCD touchsreen with VGA input so i can see the output of the PC.

    I don't want to do it now, but i'd like to put a drop down LCD on the ceiling of the SUV for the back row seating to watch DVD's. Is there a way to run the windows desktop on the VGA monitor touch screen and have the drop down LCD dedicated to watching movies? Woiuld i need a special video card? Is it even possible?

    If this doesn't make any sense, i can refine my post.

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    You would need a video card with two outputs.. Most [decent] new videocards can easily do this, a GeForce4MX or a Radeon 9xxx can easily do it, but make sure it can support multiple monitors before you buy
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    If your motherboard doesnot have an AGP slot, (EPIA's and most other smal boards dont have them) you will need to get A GeForce MX or RAdeon 9000 in a PCI version. ( i think the 9000 is the only PCI radeon with TV-OUT). You would need to have TV-OUT or 2 VGA Ports if your using both VGA screens.
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    wont watching dvd's+windows desktop be kinda hungry?


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