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Thread: Sound problems with MPXPALY

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    Question Sound problems with MPXPALY

    hello peoples

    I have been having problems with playing music with MPXPLAY in DOS mode. my mobo is a m748lmrt xcel chipset, celeron 466 with onboard sound (CMI8738 chipset) graphics and everything else under the sun. MPXPLAY works fine in Windows except for playing audio cds (just get static) but when I go to play in DOS it plays the first 8 or so frames and locks up. I have downloaded and tried every dos driver I could find for the CMI8738 chipset with no success. please help I hate loading to windows to play takes to long and makes it a bit jumpy.
    many thanks for any help on this, its driving me nuts.

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    Hello. Do yoy realle wants MPXPLAY? I test "dss.exe" (Digital Sound....) and itw work very well in my 486-DX, I make a batch to play mp3 cds, audio cds and mp3 from de hdd.


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