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Thread: Where to get long high quality VGA cables....

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    Where to get long high quality VGA cables....

    I know a good vga cable from a bad one. The good ones are almost always the ones that come with your monitor-heavy cable, with those signal blockers on each end. You can tell a good cable from a bad one, the bad one will make high resolutions on your monitor seem fuzzy and out of focus-this is due to the lack of sheilding-however you won't find these high quality cables at comp usa. All you'll find there are the way overpriced belken jobbies which are NOT worth their weight in beans. All my oem monitor cables say CTI AWM on them, CTI may be the brand, or it could be AWM. In any case these are usually large manufacturers of cables which don't sell single peices to end users.

    My question is, does anyone know of a place where you can get LONG LONG high quality cables-the oem brand that comes with the montior? I need one that will go the length of my car basically, from the rear to the front-and I don't want any signal loss.


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    office depot has some 10 foot high quality ones, they come in a set for KVM switches, you get two other cables as well
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    I got mine from here.
    It was 25ft, but 15ft would have done the job just as well.

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    199 has lots of good stuff

    there's a max length for VGA too (don't recall it but i think it was something bigger than would fit in your car), if you need to go further you can use a KVM.

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    I got my cables at Fry’s Electronics.. They were Belkin (I think that's the spelling) and 10 feet long each and were $20USD. I got raped in price, and I knew that.. But I needed them then and didn't want to wait, so its okay.. Buy online (Google) and it will be cheaper. Also, from my Console in my Jetta to under the back seats, it was 10 feet and then a few to into the trunk itself A 15 foot would have worked with less mess under the back seats, I still have to clean it up, I have 6 12-gauge wires that are 6-8 feet too long under there, and some more stuff from inverter and what not..
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    About the maximum length, don't worry about it. My church runs a 100 foot VGA cable to a projector, it's fine. Unless your car... no not possible lol.

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    I use

    $7.70 for a 15' svga cable. I bought a 100' one and had no ghosting problems at all.


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