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Thread: How does this amp look for this price?

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    How does this amp look for this price?

    I think I found the paerfect amp for my subs, what do you think, this sure is ALOT of power for the price-----

    My subs = 2) Audiobahn 12" 1100W RMS Flame Q's (AW1206T)

    this amp: Boss 3000W R3000D Class D Amp
    RMS @ 4 ohm - 1200x2
    RMS @ 2 ohm - 2200x1

    $175 shipped brand new w/ full 6 year factory warranty

    Too good to be true?
    Oh and I emailed the seller to see what the THD and input voltage is at the rated RMS power.

    Too good to be true?
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    I would tread very carefully. You don't want to pass up a killer deal, but that is way cheap. Not only is it Class D, but that is an insane amount of power for $175. Plus, the factory warrenty (I'd check to make sure that it really exists). I bet it's a refurbished model, not 'brand new'. Good luck!


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