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Thread: monster cable - is it really worth it?

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    monster cable - is it really worth it?

    hey, well im startin to wire everything in, and there is alot to choose from. The monster cable speaker wire isnt that bad in price...but the RCAs are off the charts! I have found some Monster cable stage 3 RCAs for 90 dollars!!! Supposively nitrogen flushed and all this crap. So is it worth it to have monster wired through your car? or will cheapo RCAs do me fine?

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    Well, if it like 30-40 buck, then maybe it worth but not 90 buck. Hey, if you have a nice stereo setup, picky about sound, and lot of spare $$$$, it's worth.
    I got a 12 feet for less than 15 buck and I am happy with it.
    As a general rule, Do not run RCA cable along with the power cable because it will create lot of noise.
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    if you have like $2000 worth of stuff, 1500+ wattts..along those lines then yes you should get the expensive *** monster cables. Otherwise other stuff will work fine.. like those $20 cables you see in bestbuy.
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    I always use the $3 - $5 ones, never had a problem with noise.

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    Not really. The difference that it would make above cheaper brand is lost in the auto environment.
    I have a few audiophile friends that say they can hear the difference between signal cable quality on their home systems. I personally cannot hear / see the difference. But each to their own.
    If you want to spend the money, go for it, but I think you will find the cheaper cables will be just as good, especially in a car.
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    I wasted money on monster cable RCA's,, although they are very sweet looking, and people always comment on them, I honestly could not tell a difference in sound quality between a set of $65 wires, and $5 wires,, I would not recommend them, unless you are trying to make a show-car clean installation (which I do NOT have by any means)
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    (don't tell anyone I am using the slightly better than $3 radioshack cables)

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    I'd have to agree here as well, all I have ever used is dollar store rca's.

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    Atleast use shielded rca cables, mine was about $25

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    I have been getting all my cables from - awesome customer service, prices, shipping, etc...

    And yes, I usually get the high quality cables.

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