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Thread: ATX DC-DC....need help

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    Post ATX DC-DC....need help

    couple of ATX DC-DC PSU questions here

    1. Where can I get one that is around 5x4x2.5 inches or smaller? All the ones that I have read about (keypower, arise, etc) are all larger than this spec. This must fit in/replace the powersupply area of the soyo slim PC. Can any of these commercial units be taken apart and stripped down to my size specs?

    2. Are there any plans for one that doesn't require me to manufacture my own damn PCB. I don't have any of that crap that sproggies site says you need to make PCBs. Labs at my college have them but you have to be a grad student to use them. Im Comp Engr so i can build it...just not the PCB.

    3. Does adding things like automatic shutdown controller in series with PSU produce additional noise?

    This freakin PSU is the only thing thats stopping me from finishing up this long project. oh yeah ive pretty much read every post dealing with keywords "atx" and "dc-dc psu" and "psu plans" all that crap...hell ive just about read EVERY post.

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    I really dont think you could take anny of the comercial supplies appart, I have one from keypower, and its not down-sizeable.

    You will not find a true atx aupply that is that size, because the atx specification dictates that all components be of vertian size ( this includes the power supply and the case, and the mb) So, I guess there could be one, but I have never seen it, and it would not be a true ATX supply.

    the keypower supply is great, and I hear the arise supply is good, but it lacks the 3.3v needed for some atx MB's I think your best bet is to use something like the keypower supply and just have it sit outside the box - this would be the best way to avoide breadboarding / building.

    As for the shutdown card, no it will not add noise.

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    Have you looked into making a sproggy PSU? it has 3.3V
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