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Thread: Alpine M-Bus Aux Input

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    Alpine M-Bus Aux Input

    Hi guys/gals
    I am running into a problem with my alpine HU (TDM-7534) AM/FM Cassette M-Bus CD changer control. I bought an M-Bus Aux input adapter by Alpine for this HU but it doesn't work. I can't select the CD changer as a source for audio in.
    I thought that if the same company make those device and they use the same protocol, it should work. WRONG.
    How in the world can I have this HU to work with the Aux adapter?
    Basically I search everywhere but couldn't find a solution.
    Oh, this HU is 8+ years old. I bought it brand new with a changer and it has been installed in 3 different cars and still work and look brand new that is the reason I want to keep it instead of getting a new one.
    If there is NO solution, I will put the changer back and have relays to control the audio between the changer and PC. If it work, I will installed the CD changer in my wife Honda Accord.
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    Did you ever figure this out? I have an older alpine 3 disc in dash radio that doesn't have Mbus, and I wanted to figure out a way to get my ipod to play music, hardwire it, or somehow get it to work.


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