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Thread: small motherboard

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    small motherboard

    Hello all again. thanx for all the input on my last all means keep posting to it. I'm sure i'm not the only newbie that has benefited from the info given.

    I'm looking for a motherboard that is very small in size. there is a picture of one at the following website:

    basically, i'm wanting something small, but the price of the board that is shown here is way out of the range i want to use...does anyone know of a place i can find some good vintage pentium motherboards about the size of a 3/4 sheet of paper...also, a must is built in sound card. thanx all

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    Theres a place in Northern Burbs called Krex Direct that has a Amptron pm585 motherboard which is 22cm x 22cm (8 3/4" x 8 3/4") with built in audio, lan, modem and video. $89 bucks. Might be in Morton Grove or something.


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