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Thread: Cheap head units ok? Which ones?

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    Cheap head units ok? Which ones?

    I think that I need a 1.5 DIN size head unit (assuming that I understand things properly). I have a Plymouth Acclaim, and the radio that came in it is certainly larger than the typical head units that one sees on the shelf.

    So, I have noticed that it is not that hard to find (inexpensive) units that have front inputs, which appear to be intended to cd, but I think that it is just a headphone jack or the like, so I should just be able to run a wire straight from a sound card to it. Now, it is not an RCA jack, of course.

    Does this matter? Are things as they appear? Are some of the not so expensive head units from Aiwa, Audiovox and Jensen alright? Considering that I have a crappy head unit to begin with, is it worth buying myself some basic unit with an audio in if I want to try to build an MP3Car?

    I know next to nothing about car stereos, really. If I were to buy a standard DIN unit, would I be able to put an LCD above it perhaps from the MP3Car, or is it just a bad idea not to have the proper size?

    In the end, I guess that I really just want some opinions from people on what head unit I should buy if my primary considerations are price, ease of connecting an MP3Car and sound quality of the MP3Car input. It would be a bonus if I could find a CD unit, but cassette is fine if the prices are too different. Brand and model suggestions are appreciated. Figuring out this 1.5 DIN stuff might be important, too. Thanks for listening to my babbling.

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    Well actualy i doubt you'll be able to fit an lcd and a Head unit in the factory slot. but as for instalation, you can get a mounting bracket adapter that makes most aftermarket units fit in stock openings. you have a Dpdge/Chrysler vehicle so my site may be able to help you a little. I drive a 1990 Chrysler LeBaron(oh yeah sweet car...really it is...) And I have an Aiwa CD unit with the front aux input. You can go to my site and look over the pictures i have posted of my install. <a href=></a> look into the car audio section.



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