I currently have an Alpine CVA-1004 head unit with stereo, amps, subs, etc etc... i am porting Xbox thru rca to it. I only have RCA inputs at the moment. I don't want to glass another LCD up front, i have 2 head rest monitors that are already split frmo the head unit. I am looking to do a MP3 server type thing (i already run Xbox Media Player and all, but I am just trying this out a different way) and I want to do GPS. I have a Earthmate GPS usb thing and such. I have an available P3 1GHz, GF3 Ti200 with S-video out (just bought a S-video to RCA converter), 512mb RAM, 40GB hard drive... SB Live! Platinum...etc etc. Where do I start? I want it to look as OEM as possible like my current setup is. I was thinking I could get a touch pad and glass that into the shifter area as my only input? would that work do you think? I have an inverter running on a relay so that handles all of my auto-shutdown issues. Thanks guys.