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Thread: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card GIVES me a ground loop?

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    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card GIVES me a ground loop?

    I've got a turtle beach santa cruz PCI sound card and absolutely love it.......except for one thing. Before it outputs sound, there is a terrible ground loop.

    For example, I get in the car, start the computer (and the car) and there's a ground loop. A REALLY bad one might I add. Once windows boots up, the ground loop GOES away PERMENANTLY!

    Kinda seems like the op amp built onto the sound card is disabled until the card is fully a zero-bit mute circuit .....well I hate it.

    Any ideas? Thanks ....oh and I've tried a ground loop isolator - didn't help.

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    ground your sound card and also ground your PSU to the same spot on your cars frame. If you use an inverter.. use that grounding point
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    Like hijink21 said, make sure your sound card, amp, etc are grounded.

    I have a santa cruz in my home computer, and once i didn't screw it in properly to the computer case. After i switched my amp on it buzzed like crazy. It also buzzes a lot if the ground connection's dodgey.

    Might be that the op amp isolates until it initialises? I guess if grounding doesn't help you could put a dummy load on the amp...


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