Trolling through this board I've been encouraged to start my new project
for my Infiniti G35 Sedan. Basically its going to be a CarPC for navigation and MP3s. Here's a list of the items I'll be using...

VIA Epia 10000 Nehemiah
PW-70A with ITPS(Auto Power Sequencer and Low Dropout regulator)
Slimline DVD
3.5" 30GB HD
USB Wifi
Custom Enclosure

DWW-7VGA Screen powered via stereo harness

All this will be put into the center compartment under the drivers right arm. There is also a power connecter in there, which I want to use to power the system.

The audio will go from the built-in audio to my MTX Thunder 4405 amp.

Will the PW-70A be enough to power the system? Also, what connector will I be using to power the system from the cig lighter-like plug in the compartment?

Crude eg. : Cig lighter -> (missing connector) -> ITPS -> PW-70A

I appreciate any help or advice you can give me...Thanks