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Thread: 12v dc-dc atx power supply

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    Talking 12v dc-dc atx power supply

    aw yeah, here it is...the power supply everyone wants:

    right now i'm in the process of trying to buy one through my company. our buyer quoted me a price of around $100. however, he says they are backordered, and it will take about 2 weeks to receive. bah. i think it's really kewl tho. accepts as low 9v, so low voltage won't shut down your puter, and standard atx size means i can fit it into a pretty small custom case. i am anxiously awaiting mine.

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    Nice find :-)

    just be careful as the efficiency is only 65% so at full load output this puppy will take 32A at 12V :-p

    time to add that extra thick cable and the extra battery ;-)


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