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Thread: Alpine Ai-Net to RS232 interface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples
    you have no clue what you are talking about
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples
    RS232 is IEEE1284, or Parallel, or LPT port
    No, RS232 is Serial interface

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    yeah it is serial i second that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples
    you have no clue what you are talking about
    Well I sure as hell do.

    RS232 is NOT LPT, Printer, IEEE1284.

    RS232 is a signaling standard used with
    serial ports. It can come in many forms
    and connectors, including both 25 and
    9 pin serial (COM) ports.

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    lol - wow - this turned into one hell of a discussion!
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    Ithink someone got to eat a whole load of humble pie and apologise. Everyone knows it's serial!

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    yeah yeah, sorry i admit my bad. i had a bad instructor for my A+ certification class, i and a couple of my recall him stating this falsehood. I accept any verbal abuse you throw at me.
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    I just thought of this today. My first thought was a flash reader that could play mp3's and be controlled by the HU, built right into the dash like an EQ size unit. I have a 2002 Alpine 7839 <- i think that's right. But when i got to thinking....(side tracked).....i built a carputer which i run carmedia
    not being updated any more
    and i dont really watch movies when i drive anyways. If I could control winamp with the Alpine head unit that would be great. I'm not sure if SPAINTRA is still reading this forum. But if he has any AI-net pinout info and/or timming information it would be great if he could post it here!!!!!!!!! I guess i could e-mail him.

    I'm very sperMatic on what I build, arcade with mame, carputer, remote tank, auto tunning guitar, etc. etc. But i work with a bunch of software engineers that might help me figure out how to talk to ai-net. I'm going to try myself. SPERmATIC....No Guarantee! ( not sure about the m in sperMatic microsoft seems to think its spelt that way.
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    Ai-NET to PC (Alpine MRA-D550)

    Just trying find out is MRA-D550 amp will be a good choice for CarPC integration. Is it possible to control it from PC itself? Will it able to communicate trough S/PDIF interface?

    Very appreciate your help.

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