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Thread: DC-DC PS Sound Quality

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    Question DC-DC PS Sound Quality

    What sort of sound quality can I expect from a DC-DC power supply?

    At one time, I had a Cyrix PR-200 machine with an inverter that sounded perfect. I recently came out with a new version of my LCD software which required a faster computer. Sadly, the new machine (or soundcard) is much more sensitive to line noise and the engine buzz is horrendous! (even with a ground loop isolator)

    If I toss $80 into DC-DC unit, will this clear up the noise? How much? Or should I just replace the sound card? (cheap $20 model)

    Kind of looking at the Arise ACE-865V...
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    be sure to run your power wires and pre-amp wires on opposite sides of the vehicle. Keep the inverter as far away from the computer and the sound wires as possible
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