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Thread: Flash card bootable drive?

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    They come in sizes up to 4 gigs as far as i know, the problem is that a 1 gig decent price is $300. And fluffly was a bit wrong, you can buy the 80 gig for under 70 or at Fry's for $30 after rebates. Which tells me that its cheaper to just keep on buying the hard drives if they fail... seeing how others don't seem to have that as big of a problem seems that 2nd hard drive is the way to go. Cheaper and you can take your SATA drive with you leaving the other one in.

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    Single Level Cell CF

    I have only seen Single Level Cell CF which can be a fixed drive peak out at 1gig. I have never seen anything bigger yet. I know you can get up to 8gig CF but it will be a muiltlevel cell removable drive which still dose not do you any good for an OS.

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    ok maybe im just old fashioned, or retarded, but heres an idea. why not use an old 5 gig hard drive as your fixed drive for OS emergency music (in case you forget the removable drive) stash, etc etc. and then have a high proformance SATA drive that is removable??

    or is that solution to easy or not HIGH TECH enough. i dont know.

    all i know is a have a whole ton of old working 2 - 5 gig drives laying around that im trying to find uses for.
    but then again doesnt everyone? well... dont they?

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    I'll refer you all to the thread over at Using EWF on regular WinXP.
    SFiorito and I haven't experimention quite a bit with running XP Pro read only using the Enhanced Write filter from XP Embedded. I have it all working great on 1G partition on a laptop drive right now. SFiorito's CF card is enroute and I will be ordering mine son to try out.

    If anyone with a CF card can try what we've discussed in that thread it would be great to know your results.

    There's a document in its infancy describing the process. It was just started yesterday, so it will improve over the next week or so.

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    The problem I have found is XP isn't 100% reliable in suspend/resume so that was one mark against it. Low power was my second choice, the best laptop hdd's I found were in the 300-400mA range, average laptop hdd draw was 500mA and some were 1000mA. Reading a CF card I have measured at more 50mA so its about 1/10th the current draw. Ability to set to read only was the third reason so I don't have to worry about any corruption due to a clean shutdown. Forth was I can run the same OS as my laptop by sticking the cf card in my pcmcia slot and copying the programs over no need to network or install. My eventual goal is to have my system able to run all the time doing more than just mp3's, its going to become and extension of my home network/automation system.

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    Durango, why not just leave the OS on a regular drive and put a USB/Fire port somewhere in the car with a removable drive?

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    I guess I should've picked a better title for my thread about setting up EWF on XP Pro since it doesn't seem a lot of people know what I'm talking about... Anyways, like knubile said: we've setup XP Pro to be readonly. Regardless of whether you use it with a CF card or not I think this is a much better solution. You can have a readonly volume with the OS on it and another drive (I'll be using a 2.5" USB drive) for your datafiles (MP3's, videos, etc.). What I'm thinking of doing is, like Drivesoft says, have the system always go into standby. Doesn't the Opus automagically shutoff when it sees the voltage drop too low? If not just setup a scheduled task to shut the system off after X amount of time. This wouldn't be a problem since you can just shut the machine off and Windows won't complain or try to run chkdsk on reboot since the volume can't be corrupted (it's not doing any writes thanks to EWF). Also, you can make what MSFT calls a "Hibernate Once Resume Many" system. Instructions are in the EWF thread. This allows you to come out of hibernation every boot even if you just pulled the plug on your system or didn't hibernate explicitly. There are a lot of cool possibilities using EWF and once I get my damn CF card I'll be able to test it out. MSFT has some tips for XPembedded developers on deploying to a CF card. They suggest using FAT if you don't need NTFS since that minimizes writes even more. They also talk about how to install XPe on a CF card with the removable flag. Anyways, we'll see how this goes.

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    Okay, I added a longer step-by-step process for configuring EWF on XP along with some tips from MSDN on making EWF work better. It's here: Using EWF on regular WinXP

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    You can do "Hibernate Once Resume Many" with XP Pro? I thought that was just a new feature they added to XP Embedded SP2

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    why dont you search for "hibernate once resume many", or "horm"

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