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Thread: Display problem with my CarPC

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    Display problem with my CarPC

    Ok, I've completed my test CarPC and I'm trying to get it to display on my LCD that I installed in my car. The LCD is this one:

    I have an ATI Radeon 7000 with TV-out. Now, when I turn on the PC, the LCD shows the boot screen and the Windows XP loading screen, but just before it goes to switch to the login screen, my LCD says "No Signal". My guess is it is a resolution issue...but I can't seem to get the card to display right. What resolution should I use with the LCD? What software do I use to get it to display correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...


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    Did you ever fix this???
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    could also be a refresh rate issue... try booting into safe mode and setting the resolution to 640x480 @ 60hz

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    i've got a via en1500 which had this seemingly intermittent issue. It would get past the windows loading screen, and the signal would drop out. I could get into windows by using the "vga mode" from the boot menu, but the picture was all pixelated and it wouldn't let me change the resolution.

    I went to bios, and under Integrated Peripherals, I ensured the "Select Display device" was set to LCD, not CRT. Also i changed the "Panel Type" from 07 to 00.

    Perhaps a bios update will fix this for good.

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    It was nice of you to try and help a44driver but check out the post date of the thread. kore had this problem back in 2003.
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