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Thread: Opus remote option

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    Opus remote option

    Quick question, I was thinking about ordering the new opus with the Remote trigger option, but I have one question first? If I use it to connect an amp, do I connect the 12v or the sensor wire

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    You will connect the red wire to the car battery the black wire is ground and the yellow is the remote. The remote can connect to the car radio or amp or the ignition switch.
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    Look here. Thats the 90watt opus. The connector on the bottom is where you connect up the battery. Like inniss said, the red goes to positive, black to ground. The yellow is NOT however the remote. That is the wire that hooks up to the ignition wire so it turns on with the rest of the car. The top connector (not available on the non-remote trigger versions) is the remote trigger 'port'. It comes with another smaller wire harness with 3 wires. Two of them are useless, one is the remote trigger wire, which you would hook directly up to the remote trigger input on the amp. I have this set up right now in my car and it works flawlessly.

    hope that helps, there was a lot of confusion back when it was released as to which wire was the remote trigger, becuase some of the wireharnesses were not included.

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