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Thread: Mini-ITX case to hold OPUS and Epia?

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    Mini-ITX case to hold OPUS and Epia?

    Hey -

    I'm just starting to look at building a carputer, and the Opus power supply looks great. However, it won't fit in the Travla barebones systems I was checking out. Are there any cases designed for a "SFX" size PSU and a mini-ITX board?


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    I bought a mini itx case off eBay from a place called "The flower Factory" The opus fit perfect well at least the 90W
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    IIRC, Gork got an OPUS 90W in the Casetronic/Travla C137 case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ose-ml320
    IIRC, Gork got an OPUS 90W in the Casetronic/Travla C137 case.
    the psu on that case is external
    i dont see how one could be fit inside (and it would certainly need to be done with cutting the case)

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