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Thread: cold weather

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    cold weather

    the weather are geting colder here and I am curious, what whould happen to carputer under extreem conditions. Last year I left car in Okemo overnight and on next morning CC showed -20F outside. I am sure, that nothing good would happen to HHD and other part of poor carputer. Any ideas/sugestions

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    there are a ton of threads on cold weather. Try to search. The simple answer is no cold weather will no effect it. In extreme cold I'd let your car warm up a bit. You're lcd might be a bit ghosty till it loads up but for the most part computers love the cold. I've cold started mine in a -10F degree morning once and it worked.
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    I don't have many problems w/ my system except it that it will not boot up the first time.... if I start it right away when its cold. I'm in SD and it gets cold and stays cold.... I know this morning it was 0F when I started my car.... but I didn't try starting my carputer until my car warmed up. But I haven't had too many problems yet.
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    thanks, I will try search

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