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Thread: Help needed please.. about MP3 car player.. txt

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    Help needed please.. about MP3 car player.. txt

    Ok I want to put a MP3 player in my car..
    Mainly for novelty.. but I like the idea of not changing CD's because of all the god damn cd singles I have where I only like 1 mix..
    Anyway here is my current system
    Head Unit Pioneer DEH 646
    The head unit is connected to
    Pioneer 180 watt 3 way 6x9's (Back)
    Pioneer 5 inch co-axials (front)
    Amp Sony ?? 2 Channel 100 watt
    Subs JBL 10 inch... can't remember details

    Ok, basically I want to know if there is a way I can hook up an MP3 player (thinking a P200 running Win 95 or unix) to my headdeck.. which has an AUX port and stacker support. So I can change between the two so I can either have my system pumping CD's or pumping MP3's..

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    I hope I read your message right. If you have AUX jacks in the back, just get one of those cables that go from 1/8th" to 2-RCAs. Plug the RCAs into the deck and the 1/8th" into the sound card.

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    That sounds like an older Pioneer may need to get an adapter, like I did for my DEH-P85. Mine simply plugs into the Changer input and gives me a small box with a pair of RCA jacks, which I then converted to an 1/8" mini jack.


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