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Thread: Speaker layout

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    Speaker layout

    ive often wondered about the best layout for speakers, while not compromising too much on sound loss.

    Are sub boxes really necessary?

    I notice many people design subs built in under seats, under trunk covers etc. Do these designs have the same bump as sub boxes?

    Here is another question, whats up with this design?

    wacky, but any good?

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    I feel you need a sub for a good set up. i recomend a 10" as they are the best compramise between the 12" deep range and the 8" responce. you could also do 1 8" under each seat.

    as for the pic it is a competition truck and it is a truck so there is no space to work with what looks like 4 12". it looks like a SPL job. not my type but it is varry good.... in a way.
    you will see a lot of wierd things with spl
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    I agree, all good sounds systems need a sub. At least one I have a 10", and highly recommend 10's to anyone who wants (As killerfishes said) response and frequency range. Iím adding in another 10" and two 6" under the back seat.

    As for the picture, that is for SPL competition. It is probably has the perfect cubic air space for the front end, too. And those Audiobahn's are made for more open air then requiring a box. But properly sized boxes are by far best!
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    10"... 12"....

    I just had four fillings fall out of my teeth last week cause of my 15"
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    Speaker layout in a car is a science. You have to look at the distance, between speakers, material in the inside of the car and a ton of other functions.
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