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Thread: Best mountable, DC powered USB Hubs?

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    If you look closely, the Picture shows the power adapter just to the left of the USB Square Uplink Connector...

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    Will this work, it sais it's powered via the USB Hub and has per port overload protection, but I wonder weather that hub would support say 4 Mobile USB2.0 DVD ROM drives... (Powered off the USB Port) Not that I need that many but as far as power draw goes I wonder .... :scratch:

    Than again for under $10 ... we'll see... And there's other auctions for that price too

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    I have a GE usb hub I'm selling, it works off 5v at 2.1A.. and I hooked it up to work with a psu directly

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    Mine needs to be updated.

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    Not directly related but I purchased on of these cables

    Its converts the mini-usb connector for the 3rd and 4th USB ports on the Epia MB into a normal MB connector. Its works a treat with the front connectors on the 3688 case I have meaning that I've now got 4 usb sockets all able to give out the full 500ma.

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    Re: Best mountable, DC powered USB Hubs?

    Hubs designed for 10-28V DC connection and mobile deployment:

    Digi Hubport - Industrial USB Hub with 4 or 7 Ports


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    92 bucks, haha, digi port no thanks. i got one from my work at circuit city, its just a kensington K33141 for like 30 bucks. 4 port usb, with a front cover that comes off with screws. I plan on using that in the dash, where my ashtray is in my passat, as well as mounting a couple other connector like a 1/8" audio-mini connector.
    What i really like about this model is that the DC plug connection is right on the back of the unit. And this, unlike some other basic models sold in retail stores, this one comes with the ac/dc power supply. That way i can take power connector right out from behind the dash.
    i don't have it where i am right now, im gonna double check for you, but i am pretty damn sure that it was 5 Volts.

    this is the unit PocketHub USB 2.0

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    I know this is an old thread but I have been looking for something similar and came a cross this:

    I like the idea of having an audio input as well.

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    I was just looking at them before comming back to the forums to ask so heres my question.. with the one call DIGI PORT.. do you think I would be able to hook that up to my 12v power (ciggy lighter spot) or what should I use?

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    I'm looking to add a usb hub too, but too lazy to build a regulator so Id rather run it off the +5v or ideally the +12v from my psu. ebay has some 4 port powered hubs for under $15 shipped.

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    Looking for 12 volt DC powered...

    So, it seems like someone could make a fortune selling a cheap 12 volt - 5 volt converter and a usb hub and making it all one box...

    I am thinking of using one of those 12 volt - XX volt converters, and then plugging that into a hub, but that seems like such a crummy solution. But would cost me under 14 bucks..

    Is Digi really the only provider of a 12 volt powered USB hub???


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