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Thread: cheap LCD controller for Sharp 8.4" TFT LCD?

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    Post cheap LCD controller for Sharp 8.4" TFT LCD?

    i ran into this website....i don;t know if this can be done.

    Hooking up a OEM sharp 8.4" TFT to this ATI PCI card with DFP connector. The same card is available for PC also....has anyone tried this???? or maybe with a video card with DVI output???

    From my judgement on this website I think this guy got this baby to work except it was on a MAC. Pinouts for the sharp 8.4" can be obtained at or for those interested.......

    let's make this work!!

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    I Have some kind off the same display..

    Torisan Sanyo LM-DD53-NEK (or something.. don't have the exact number, but it's in the series )

    Also looked for some controller cards that will drive it.. but they where from my point off view way too expensive (espescially when you live in the netherlands.. currency.. p & p .. minium order amount.. :-( . )

    Anyway.. If there were some videocards that could do the trick ( and then with on-board dvd-decoder.. ooooooo.. i would be happy then !!! )

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