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Thread: EPIA M10K Sound and 4 chan amp

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    EPIA M10K Sound and 4 chan amp

    I have an epia m-10k mobo and i noticed lotsa people on here do as well. I would like to setup fader control with the onboard sound and input it into my 4 channel amp. Has anyone attempted this before? Will it work properly? One thing i noticed is in win xp and this board i have a very low sounding output from my rear channel. i hooked up standard headphones and the front channel (green) is like 5x louder than the rear channel (blue). Has anyone experienced this? Should i not even use the on board sound at all considering what i am attempting? Thanks for your help

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    IMO the sound chip/setup while not quite crap, isn't great. if you're plugging into a good combination of amps and speakers there will be a noticeable difference between the stock setup and a good soundblaster.

    What would you expect? sound's their business.

    That said, I don't know a whole lot about the configuration of the stock board, but my guess is that difference in volume is realted to it (it's a config issue). Somone else maybe....
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