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Thread: [NEWBIE] 2 sec pause between tracks. Can you avoid that?

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    Post [NEWBIE] 2 sec pause between tracks. Can you avoid that?

    Hey there,

    I'm thinking of getting a simple headunit that is able to play mp3-files. I'll probably go for the JVC KD-SH 99 R. Now, I have a rather stupid question. I read somewhere that there is a pause of about two seconds between tracks when you listen to a mp3-cd. Is that true for every headunit? Or is there a way to avoid this pause? Cause otherwise it would only be half as much to listen to, let's say a Pink Floyd album, or any live album, for that matter.

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    Hey, I have a aiwa mp3cd player (don't like it but that's beside the point) and there is a very small (~.5sec) pause between tracks. This may have been eliminated on the newer mp3cd players though. And if nothing else you could make the whole cd into one file.
    I think the 2sec gap used to be caused when actually writing a wav cd and not using "disk at once".


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