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Thread: PC->TV converter i found

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    Post PC->TV converter i found sends me emails every week or two and i found this pc->tv conversion tool.

    Plug and Play,easy installation, no software driver
    Display high-resolution computer images (up to 1024x768 in 16.7 million colors) on any TV
    Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs
    Simultaneous S-Video and RCA/composite connection to TV/VCRs
    Uses AITech ís FlicFree and VSPro technologies for the sharpest flicker-free images possible
    Includes current full version of CyberLink ís award-winning PowerDVD
    Extend range between PC and TV with the hgh-performance 20-feet audio and video (dual S-video/RCA)cables
    15-pin VGA analog RGB signal
    Multiple nput frequencies
    640x480 @60-85 Hz
    800x600 @60-85 Hz
    1024x768 @60-70 Hz

    S-Video (S-VHS)
    Composite (RCA)
    VGA bypass
    SCART RGB (Optional cable for European version only)

    Power Requirements
    5 volts DC,800 mA,center negative polarity (AC adapter included)
    FCC Class B and CE Certified

    Minimum System Requirements
    PC &Mac compatible. Windows (all versions)or Macintosh with VGA output
    Limited Warranty: One Year

    I wonder if this is any good??? Sure is expensive!

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    the problem is that you're introducing another layer of conversion into your system, which will furthur reduce the sharpness and overall quality of the output, which roughly translates into requiring a bigger LCD. If you want to put 800x600 on a 5" LCD using composite and use word to type up your book report, or even for GPS purposes, you're going to be shocked. I don't think it'll turn out too well.
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