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Thread: Need to figure out what i need

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    Post Need to figure out what i need

    Allright heres my plan. Run a cable form my battery to the trunk w/ inverter in there. then hook it up to comp and have the comp plugged into an amp or fm transmitter.
    Now my questions are:
    1. will this work or wat do i need to change
    2. what kind of inverter any thing that i need to look for.
    3. too keep it from cutting out while cranking how do i set up capicitors. and what do they need to be.

    Im new to this and have very little electrical knowlege so i need things kinda basic.

    if you could E-mail me with yoour responses
    [email protected]

    Heres the specs

    P166 48mb ram 4 gig hard drive 250 wat pwr suply (i think) flopy and no cd rom

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    1. Yes
    2. A 300 watt model, from any automotive store.
    3. No caps needed. I can start my car with the computer on, some people can't, it depends on your car. Or just start the comp after you start your car.

    Good luck

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    All your answers can be found by heading to .

    Another thing: It is bad manners to post to a newsgroup or forum and then ask that responses be emailed to you. It shows that you have no desire to participate in the discussion and are not willing to help others. This may or may not be true in your case, but please just keep that in mind. You will get more responses if you had said "I have searched for the answers to these questions...".
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    he's new like me, prob didnt see the search thing


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