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Thread: Bass hits causing my screen to dim...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NS98GSR
    I have an acura integra and yeah I was considering getting a new battery, or possibly even and additional battery. If I run a 2 plug power inverter off the cig lighter socket and then use an AC adapter for the screen will that change anything? I'm also gonna be running the laptop off the inverter. I'm considering directly wiring it to the battery though since I don't know what guage all the wires are from the cig lighter to the battery so I'm not sure if running both of that socket would be wise. Any suggestions?

    P.S. Any particular numbers (wattage etc) I should look for when getting an inverter?
    Battery would be a big help, but I think the cap idea was dead-on in the first place. Those subs (if they are well-powered) will draw more juice in a hard hit than the system can provide all at once all of a sudden like that. A capacitor is the best way to smooth out the drops that all that bass is causing.
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    a cap for dimming lights is nothing more than a Band-Aid. if all your lights dim I would look for a HO or rewound alt. its called a stiffening cap. not a life support cap.
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    Upgrade the alternator to produce more juice and a better battery.
    If you are still using the stock alternator and the battery that come with the car, that problem will still be there even after you add a big cap.
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