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Thread: <b>m10000 vs cl10000 Please help !!!!! <b/>

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    m10000 vs cl10000 Please help !!!!!

    Hey guys i know the main differences between these mobo's but in terms of video card is the cl10000 video chip better than the one that comes with the m10000.

    The cl10000 video chip says

    "Integrated VIA Unichrome 2D/3D graphics with MPEG-2 decoder, featuring motion compensation and duo-view support"

    The m10000 video chip says

    "Integrated VIA CastleRock AGP graphics with MPEG-2 decoder"

    Which one should i get???

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    Both are based on CLE266 chipset. Same chipset, same graphics core. Only possible difference might be in VBIOS / driver feature sets but I doubt that.

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    I can't really say which is better, but I have looked into them a bit myself. I have come to the conclusion that I will be buying the CL10000 for my install when I get that far. I do not need the extra video outputs that the M board has, and the 6 channel sound.

    I would rather have the additional USB ports without the need of a hub. Additional many benchmarks I have seen showed the CL board rated higher than the M board. On some of the tests all of the VIA boards were almost the same, but others like playing Quake 3, the MII was the best, followed by the CL, with the M a bit behind.

    For the links to some of the reviews with benchmarking graphs, in the newbie section search for the thread I started.

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    the CL board provides support for lcd panels direct via add on LVDS or RGB modules that VIA sells seperately. They don't sell lcd cables, and panel support is limited to about 40 or so panels.


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