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Thread: screen mounting upside down

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    screen mounting upside down

    im trying to mount my screen upside down because it seems to fit that way in my car, but then the screen will be upside down, is there a way i can rotate it so that the image with be right side up with the screen up side down?

    -=Chevy CarPC=-

    ETA: When i get more time

    -Custom Fiberglass Case
    -Epia M-10000 Nehemiah 1Ghz
    -Sony CDRW-DVD Drive
    -Seagate 120mb Hardrive
    -Opus 90w Power Supply
    -Lilliput 7" LCD

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    TVTool 9.5 will let you flip your screen upside down

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    Depends on your graphics card, Im not sure about all OS's but with a NVIDIA gfx card on WinXP You can simply go into the advanced options in display etc and there should be a tab "NVRotate"

    Have double checked this and it allows me to flip my screen round in all angles.
    I am running WinXP with GForce4 MX 440 (With latest nvidia software)

    Give that 1 a go.

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    running an ATI RADEON card and I have the options to rotate my screen, just get the latest drivers

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