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Thread: Mini-box based system?

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    Mini-box based system?

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a mini-box EPIA motherboard setup that's finally collected enough dust that I think I can get started. I've decided against using Linux because of the learning curve involved and want to use a 'lite' version of win 2k because I've already got w2k. My main goals with this are to play MP3s, possibly control the a/c using a relay board, control a bed cover and power windows, and maybe someday interface with an OBD-I system. Yes, I said OBD-I, not II - this truck's got a ZZ502 crate engine that I may eventually upgrade to TBI type fuel injection.

    The questions I'm having are:

    1. has anyone tried a 'lite' version of w2k with the mini-box?
    2. what's the best solution to use the control panel and LCD on the mini-box using windoze?
    3. the mini-box has 'function' keys built in to it - anyone seen a program to work with them in windows?
    4. Instead of a keyboard / mouse, would it be possible to use a bluetooth control VIA my Z600 mobile phone and FMA? How do I make w2k not choke on startup when it sees there's no kb / mouse?

    I did a quick search for mini-box and didn't come up with much, I truthfully haven't looked too much for the LCD stuff yet. Thanks.

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    mini-box M-100


    I see it's been a while since you posted this. I have started to look around for options for my setup, and came across the m-100. It looks like a good option, though I am inclined to go with XP not Win2K, using a 40GB HD and 1/2 a gig of RAM, controlled by a USB touchscreen backed up by a wireless mini-keyboard with integrated mouse. Audio will play through my existing JVC H/U.

    I was curious if you pursued the M-100, and any feedback you might be able to offer up.



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