Hi all..

The FISRT problem

I have 2 HDDs : 80Gegs and 6.4gegs

1st: The 6.4Gb drive works alone as a master properly.
2nd: The 80Gb drive doesnt work alone as a master nor as a slave with the 6.4Gb drive OR the opposite; as when i connect it, and switch pc on, windows loads normally for few seconds then a black sccreen appears saying that i switched off the pc last time in a wrong way..etc and i have 5 options:

1. Restart windows in safe mode
2. Restart windows in safe mode with networking
3. Restart windows in safe mode with... "i dont remember"
4. Restart windows using the last common settings.
5. Restart windows normally.

"Btw, i use Windows 98"

I tried all of them, but the pc restarts to show this black screen again.. and so on.

I tried checking in "AUTO-DETECT" option in the Setup menu that appears when pressing "DEL" at the beginning of pc start. The pc detected the 2 HDDs as a Master (80 or 6.4) and Slave (80 or 6.4).
So what's the problem?!?!? Data and power connections are well inserted eventhough i had to use those of the CD-rom cos i dont have more cables.

The SECOND problem

Well, simple. My original Intel cooling fan makes noise! it's not a really annoying noise "not a cracking or crushing sound", but it's just a sound like that of an Air Conditioner "u know it?"
Well, i only hear it at night when it's all quite and it's time to sleep, it annoys me so much that i cant sleep as i keep the pc on all night for downloads and stuff.

Now, does ur fan make that sound too? does it appear normal to u? or is my ear so sensitive? :-?
If it's really damaged, what type of fan do u recommend? i asked about this and they told me the original Intel one is the best.

Sorry about the l o n g post, but i really need to fix this. :cry:
Thanks in advance