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Thread: This may be more of a programming question.. but here goes

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    This may be more of a programming question.. but here goes

    I am looking to write an external app for MediaEngine that will allow me to utilize winamps equalizer. Any ideas if i change the EQ Values in the included winamp if those changes will be affected in playback? If so I would like to write just an eq app which will allow me to navigate thru the app using only my griffen powermate so I can have a real eq and navigation knob for my carpc system. The other question is where can I find resources that will show me via programming how to change each of the values for winamp's EQ? The MediaEngine development team has found a way to load playlists and such I am sure there is a way to control the winamp Eq as well.
    Thanks for your input. Maybe a winamp SDK?

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