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    Build and install a car pc.
    Cause the least amount of damage to the car.

    Needs (level of priority):

    Wi-Fi - 802.11 (High)
    DVD playback (high)
    MP3, WAV playback (high)
    File upload – CF, SD, etc. (high)
    PC games (not sure)
    Bluetooth (low)
    Car diagnostics (low)
    GPS (low)

    Available parts:

    Motherboard – SUV4XC by ASUS (P-III, Socket 370)
    CPU – P-III @ 1000 MHz
    Video – All-In-Wonder by ATI (old 1999 version with 32 MB, TV out, etc.)
    RAM – Unlimited
    HD – Unlimited

    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space in the salon (Infinity G-35, 2004, standard audio, no navigation system) even for Mini-ITX platform.
    And since the pc will probably be placed in the trunk, all peripherals will rely on some type of wireless or USB and FireWire connections.

    At the very least I’ll need to wire the following:

    Video - GVI, S3, etc. – for dash-based LCD/TFT
    USB/FireWire – for dash-based inputs
    Audio – to play sounds via my existing stereo system

    I am very concerned about quality of the signal traveling long distances (trunk to dash).
    Please post any information or suggestions you may have.


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    Video cable and shielded RCA cable can be run from trunk to dash. Length should be no problem. Mine runs about 9-12 ft. Just run on opposite side of car from power wire to minimize interference. Put a powered usb hub in the dash and connect that with a long usb cable to trunk.

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