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Thread: help a computer BUILDING newbie out....

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    help a computer BUILDING newbie out....

    Posted this in the newbie forum, but upon reflection, maybe this is a better plase to ask....


    okay, so im definetly not a newbie in the traditional sense, i understand hardware and software pretty well and know my car audio also. What i am new to is actually building a computer. i have some ideas for my carputer install, but i dont want to use a pre-fab computer and no case fits my needs, so i will be custom installing the comptuer (in different parts of the car).

    Can anyone (meybe the old school members i hear constatnly talking about how pre-fab cases are the downfall of carputing....)give me a basic run-down of the do's and dont's of computer installation? (what to look for when mounting a mobo, HD, slimline drive, etc...power inputs, the turn on switch, etc...), or point me in the direction of a site/person who can help?

    Thanks alot everyone, mp3car has been so helpful in the past, i trust everyone will be the same now!

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    not sure yet.
    Im new too all i can say is do make one and dont break n e thing. This helped me out a lot. Hope this helps

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