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Thread: Head Unit -vs Head Unitless Install. Pro's and Con's.

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    I plan on using my Audigy NX2. - But I noticed you cant plug in mic and line in at same time or you get distortion. - So I bought a iMic USB mic/headphone adapter so I don't have to run a RCA to the rear when I move my soundcard to the trunk where the amps are.

    I have the Dlink and the recpetion is the same as my headunit becasue I tapped into the antenna line and my STi has a built in antenna amplifier cause my antenna is in the rear window. -If I unplug the headunits antenna, the D-Link gets better and if I unplug the D-Link the stereo gets ebtter, so when I get rid of my HU, the D-Link will have better reception. The only thing is the D-Link picks up some ground noise, but not much and even less when the Headunit is detached.
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    So, is anyone using the Hauppauge Win-tv/Fm to get FM radio??

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